Passive-Income Earth-Healing NFT Collection

Powered By: 100 Percent Geo-Thermal and Solar Energy

Save Yourself, Crypto, And Earth.

Income Tiers: 

1-9 SpaceMiners = Income on    Solstices

10-50 SpaceMiners = Income on Solstices and Equinoxes

51-99 SpaceMiners = Income Monthly

100+ SpaceMiners = Income 1st and 15th bi-Monthly


We Auto-Convert all mined coins to Tether/Btc/Eth for safe keeping, and payouts are in Eth for simplicity.

min payout = $50 usd worth of Eth bcuz gas fees.... (we will try and send at lowest cost times)

The Only Profitable "Cloud Mining," Biz Model That Still Works

We even generate our own power using renewables where our cost is fixed, not variable like our natural-gas or non power generating competitors.

Our First 100-Percent Solar Powered Non-Grid-Tied Mine Is Operational.

SpaceMiners NFTs Available On Now!

Save Yourself, Crypto, AND The Earth!

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We Generate The Power off-grid

Ensuring we have near-zero hassle with power companies and politicians, while still following local building codes and permitting procedures. Which means we are able to keep mining equipment running no matter the crypto or power market/revenue conditions, as we are only limited by the amount of power we generate, not the price of that power :)

We only buy the majority of our equipment in bulk and during down-swings.

And never deploy too many of one kind of miner, or upgrading too much all at once, and a gazillion other strategies.

We Own The Equipment and The Land it is On

No messy leases, and no drama to deal with from greedy or corrupt landlords. 

SpaceMinersNft Fine Print:

Expected Returns: 4-14percent/yr, with high-market years likely 100+ percent interest! (not too good to be true, the majority of crypto users/speculators do not mine, and thus there is disproportional mining profits during bullish market times. And the majority of miners do not generate their own power at all, nor efficiently, like we do, and they cannot compete or even stay afloat for the bear market years, like we can). 


No Presale, Fair-Launch. 



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