SpaceMiners Nft

Your Ultimate Pass To Sustainable Ecosystems And Profits

Save Yourself, Crypto, And Earth.

The One Simple Answer For Every Crypto Cadet. With SpaceMiners Nft, You Have The Ultimate Pass With All Benefits And Zero Worries. YES, If You Own More SpaceMiners, You Will Get Paid More Crypto. But, To Ensure No Cadet Is Left Out Of The Ultimate Path To A Sustainable Crypto Future And Endless Profits, Just One SpaceMiners Nft And You Possess The Ultimate Pass And Receive All Future Benefits As They Are All Included. 


SpaceMiners Profits Are Paid In ETH

revised as of - 8/25/2023

Profits and Sustainabiltiy In Crypto

Provided Through Crypto Mines Powered By 100 Percent Geo-Thermal Hot Springs Generated Clean Electricity

Current West USA Based - Global Expansion Planned

100 Percent Renewable Geo-Thermal Hot Springs Power

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Save Yourself, Crypto, AND Earth!

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We Generate Our Own Renewable Geo-Thermal Power

Ensuring we have near-zero emissions AND cost.

We Strategically Purchase Mining Equipment For The Future.

Always And Only After The Dust Settles, And Once The Course Is Clear. 

We Partner With Real-Estate Developers To Purchase The Land We Operate On

Ensuring We Never Buy Bad Or Undesirable Land And Never Compromise Our Business Capital.

SpaceMiners Nft Fine Print:

Expected Returns: 50 to 100 percent/yr, with high-market years likely 1000+ percent interest! (not too good to be true, the majority of crypto users/speculators do not mine, and thus there is disproportional mining profits during bullish market times. And the majority of miners do not generate their own power at all, nor efficiently, like we do, and they cannot compete or even stay afloat for the bear market years, like we can). 


No Presale, Fair-Launch. 



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